Don't Sabo Leh Don't Sabo Leh
Non-CNY CNY Playlist


By Techno Siao

Tired of getting the TIANG during In-Between? Give chance to these alternative party games that's also Safe Distancing Ambassadors approved!

Gahmen say need to stay home lah, bobian ok? No worries liao, we've compiled a list of exciting virtual games that you and your family can play (from the safety and comfort from your homes).

Our recommendations are super tok kong and you will surely enjoy them!



For Those Who Like To Accuse People


If You Need A Reason To Scream At Your Friends or Family


When You Just Don’t Want To Grow Up


If you’re not a cheapo like us, these games are totally worth your Angbao money:

In Case You #FOMO

Must Watch Movies this Chinese New Year

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Don't Say We #BoJio. Manage Your CNY Visits.

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